Trump, The Death Penalty & the MSM

The death penalty. Whether you’re for it or not, you have to hand it to the mainstream media for picking sides.

This article is more or less syndicated across most left leaning papers/magazines – WaPo, Time, New Yorker, The Guardian, USA Today, PBS, Denver Post etc etc. All painting Trump as the grotesque power crazed dictator who seeks to top the record of all time executions.

We are surprised that the media couldn’t work in that he was the guy to personally flip the switch.

Where was the media when felons released from prisons due to COVID ended up murdering others? Or what about when Kamala Harris deliberately withheld evidence that would have exonerated a death row inmate until she was caught out?

Imagine if the news read that Trump was going to ban the death penalty? One might assume that the lot of these publications would devote a minuscule column at the back with no context at best and suggest that many presidents before him thought to do so but didn’t get around to it.

Still, the media needs to get its head around the people legally convicted of the death penalty. It isn’t as though these people tried by jury were sentenced for minor shoplifting. One woman killed a mother and cut her baby out of the womb. Another burnt people alive in a car. Perhaps they should have their sentences commuted for good behaviour?

The law is the law. The death penalty is still legal. If Biden were to change it, then so be it but going soft on people who murder pregnant mothers must also leave a bitter taste in the mouth for the grieving families who lost so much.

Even though the mainstream media article demands the end of the death penalty, we are sure they could could find it in their hearts to make an exception if Trump faced the gallows.

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