Fauxcahontas shows she doesn’t get economics either

Already the plans are being laid to cancel $1 trillion + in student debt. Oh to be so lucky.

So what about all of those who managed to work hard to repay the debts through the fruits of their labour afforded by a decent tertiary education? Will they get a refund?

Why does the guy who mows lawns for a living have to subsidize students who selected a liberal arts degree with no palpable value in the real world? Isn’t it bad enough that the taxes he pays to register his gas guzzling pick up truck every year already go to subsidizing the $100k Tesla the guy that pays him to keep his lawn immaculate receives so he can virtue signal?

These sort of insane liberal policies speak volumes for their lack of understanding about economics. We guess that is why the Treasury is slated to fix racial and gender equality while saving the planet. We weren’t aware that the US Treasury had self appointed itself as a social justice branch of the government.

The irony of Senator Warren’s post is that she speaks of supporting local businesses. You know, the ones so many Democrat mayors and governors have ordered to close to stop the spread of the ‘rona. Even more ironic is that Senator Bernie Sanders believes Trump made the billionaires richer during COVID when it was the state and city politicians who forced the little mom and pop stores into oblivion while big corporations stole their lunch.

The Democrats are endorsing moral hazard. We just wonder whether Michael Jordan and LeBron James will be able to claim reparations from the Treasury to compensate them for the systemic racism that allowed them to become billionaires.

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