Diversity of thought would be a good start at the ABC

The ABC never gets it. The corporation was eaten by its own for showcasing its lack of diversity (in terms of identity) in political programming.

Ex-deputy editor of ABC Life, Osman Faruqi, tweeted:

Do the people who run ABC News not understand how weird this looks?…At some point, when you’re assembling these photos, you’d pause and think ‘Hmm something not quite right here’. It should so embarrassing that they shouldn’t be able get away with it. But who is going to hold them to account? Everywhere else is even whiter, lol.”

The ABC hit back at the criticism lobbed at it by posting its programs that highlight “diversity and inclusion.”

Unfortunately, the utter lack of “diversity of thought” is behind the long term decline in ratings. That would be a great area for the ABC to start.

We remind readers of the last internal survey at the ABC tucked away in a recent annual report.

The overall employee engagement score from the 2017 survey was 46%, down six points from the 2015 results. 6% down!!!!

This moved the ABC from the median to the bottom quartile when benchmarked with other Australian and New Zealand organisations. Bottom quartile!!!

Employees expressed the need for improvement in several areas, including:

• that the ABC Leadership Team needs to be more visible, accessible and communicate more openly.

• that the ABC needs to do a better job of managing poor performance. Even the staff want to move duds on. A commercial spirit among the staff?

• that employees want to know what action is being taken to address feedback received in the survey.

The ABC often harps out how tough it is doing despite $1bn in guaranteed annual revenue. The network whines at being asked for a pay freeze (which it rejected) while the private media sector has been forced to downsize in order to survive. Every time the budget is raised at the ABC, more staff are hired.

Maybe if the media outlet pushed for more diversity of thought, its ratings might start to climb. Perhaps TVNZ has the answer.

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