Cancel student debt?

We’ve been saying for a while that given the lack of maturity displayed by so many academics that education has become essentially worth nothing.

The left wing of the Democrat party is pushing to cancel student debt up to the value of $50,000. Only a couple of trillion dollars. Congresswoman Ayana Pressley even wants to cancel mortgages and rent on top of student debt. We’ll save that lunacy for another day.

What of those people that studied hard and repaid their loans? Will they be reimbursed? What of those who are studying degrees with zero value to society? Why should they be compensated for studying pointless liberal arts courses?

Why should the plumber and his apprentice son – who don’t/didn’t use the tertiary system – be forced to shell out for the education of someone else who chose to study their field on the basis they’d attain higher earnings?

Perhaps the tertiary institutions make the best argument for being free all by themselves. Here are 10 examples.

  1. A Cambridge professor tweeted “whites they don’t matter.
  2. A Stanford law professor testified during the impeachment hearings that she crosses the road when she sees a Trump building.
  3. The University of Texas ran a MasculinUT program built around “restrictive masculinity” and tries to encourage men to drop traditional gender roles.
  4. Yale University’s Chaplain’s Office believes a $70,000pa education requires a bouncy castle and/or cookies & colouring to reduce anxiety for students.
  5. University of Manchester’s student union voted to say “applause” is not inclusive and can distress people.
  6. Cambridge University union students deemed Remembrance Day as something that glorifies war, not about respecting the dead and those who served.
  7. UTS thinks that lowering the ATAR requirements to get more girls into STEM fields makes sense.  
  8. Academia signed this open letter supporting the Extinction Rebellionwhich highlighted how poor the vetting processes were in trying to appear woke. The stats spoke volumes. 
  9. Prof Peter Ridd won his court case for unfair dismissal against James Cook University for his challenging of the orthodoxy about the deterioration of the Great Barrier Reef.
  10. Sydney University students were being marked down by certain lecturers if students used language such as ‘mankind’, ‘workmanship’ or similar words in assignment work.

Instead of the government forking out subsidies, perhaps these debt stranded students have a claim against the universities themselves to get a refund given the low quality lessons in life they got.

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