Amateurs vs Professionals

The Trump victory of 2016 was an anomaly but if the last 4 years proved anything, no matter how depraved or sinister the actions (eg impeachment, sordid SCOTUS confirmations, ripping up SOTU speeches, bailing out felons etc) made by the Democrats were, the professional political class should never be underestimated. This election proved it.

One big thing Trump did for America is pull those dormant voters out of the woodwork. Record turnout. Alas, he looks set to lose to Biden. We were wrong. We thought law and order, patriotism and lived experience via a stronger economy were the hotbed issues.

While official declarations have yet to be made, we don’t believe the law courts and legal actions will make much of a difference. It will only make Trump look like a sore loser, which is one narrative the media might lay claim to being close to the mark.

Do rallies matter? Yes and no. MAGA rallies had lots of energy which in part pulled another 5 million votes for Trump. Biden rallies, as infrequent and apathetic as they looked, couldn’t be the contributing factor to another 6-7 million at this point.

Do polls matter? Clearly not. They have been so far out of the ballpark that the team has had to relocate to another suburb. 2016, Brexit and especially this election have proven yet again how useless polls are. We are no better.

We’ve never hid we don’t much like the policies of Biden/Harris as the people of many who have experienced have had for theirs. Yet the eagerness to get rid of Trump was a risk the majority were willing to make.

Unfortunately, Trump’s character was part of the problem. He was an uncouth outsider. Who spoke his mind. Who often laid minefields on Twitter, some which blew up in his face. Yet, to 71 million people, it was a bridge too far. A complicit mainstream and social media only amplified and distorted reality. In this day and age, perception is reality.

With Trump likely to lose, a probable Republican held Senate will mean much of Biden’s policies will be hard to enact. So back to gridlock and partisan gamesmanship. At the very least, the Senate was the electorates’ insurance policy to prevent a full buffet of socialist policies.

Having said that, Trump’s record pre-COVID had much going for it. Record low unemployment for minorities, faster growth, restored manufacturing capability, energy independence, peace deals, no wars, who got NATO members to commit to their own self mandated targets, ditching WHO and the Paris Accord and a strong front to China. COVID was his low point.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to convince voters. They have chosen a dottery but seasoned career politician with a checkered history over an amateur who probably didn’t heed the advice of his party when he needed it most. His run was too late.

How do the GOP regroup? It could well be Americans want Trump-style policies in the White House, just without the Trump noise, bluster and theatrics. We must not forget that 5 million more deplorables still ended up backing him over the 2016 result. Who will be on the 2024 ticket? Nikki Haley? It is our bet but what do we know?

Like we always say, how Americans feel about America is a matter for them!

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