NYT fact checked Biden’s economic record claims and found his statements FALSE

Poor old NYT. It decided to fact check Joe Biden’s claim that he handed Trump a roaring economy. It came back “false”.

The economy was not ‘booming’ in the final year of Biden’s time as vice president…and Trump did not ’cause’ the pandemic recession. The economy was healthy in 2016, but growth had dipped below 2%…”

That didn’t stop liberal readers melting down. Here is a list of ones without profanity:

THIS is what you focus on?”


“Delete this.”

Cancelling my subscription tomorrow,”

“I’m done with you. This is ridiculous. Ludicrous. Shameful.”

Isn’t it ironic that a paper that hates Trump gets censured by its customers for telling the truth. Maybe that is why the paper distorts reality so often. It is catering to its audience.

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