Nancy Pelosi visits hair salon forced to shutdown

We’re all in this together!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited a San Francisco hair salon to get her hair done on Monday afternoon despite salons being forced to close during the pandemic. It isn’t the first episode of hypocritical Dems doing this. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said her hair was essential to her job during lockdown.

Salon owner Erica Kious said one of her stylists – who rents a chair – got the request from Pelosi’s staffer.

Naturally, Pelosi’s team said she hadn’t been flouting COVID rules. Her flunky said, “The Speaker always wears a mask and complies with local COVID requirements. This business offered for the Speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business. The Speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment.”

Unsurprisingly, Kious pushed back with, “It was a slap in the face that she went in, you know, that she feels that she can just go and get her stuff done while no one else can go in, and I can’t work…We have been shut down for so long, not just me, but most of the small businesses and I just can’t – it’s a feeling – a feeling of being deflated, helpless and honestly beaten down…I have been fighting for six months for a business that took me 12 years to build to reopen…I am a single mom, I have two small children, and I have no income….There were rules and regulations [partitions etc] to go by to safely reopen [in July], which I did, but I was still not allowed to open my business…”

Kious went on to say she had no control over the actions of her stylist.

Nancy Pelosi must be wearing an invisible mask (see photo). These politicians have zero respect for the people they claim to represent. No wonder her district is the homeless capital of America.

The true face of these Democrat politicians is for all to see. No mask required.

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