How will NYC DA view rape in broad daylight?

At what point does society stop functioning? Where determining between who is the victim and then who is the perpetrator becomes back to front.

This is what defunding the police assists. While the NYC mayor was only too eager to deploy 27 officers to guard the BLM mural outside of Trump Tower, should we be surprised to see a leap in crime with such a misallocation of resources?

In broad daylight, on a NY subway platform, the transit arm of the NYPD were unable to stop a thug who attempted to rape a woman. Presumably, discretion is no longer required in de Blasio’s NYC. The criminals clearly don’t fear the new normal of policing.

Are bystanders now too worried to physically intervene for fear they might be incriminated for being decent human beings? Maybe in de Blasio’s whacky world, citizens are more at risk of being charged with assault for taking out such human garbage?

Truth stranger than fiction?

The latest noises emanating from the halls of some DA offices give some cause for concern. Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton has said that the police should consider whether looters needed those stolen goods before charging them. Presumably a 60′ flat panel TV is an inalienable right. Although those that decade a BLM mural are charged with a ‘hate crime..’

Presumably attempted rape may be forgiven if an activist DA can link it to systemic racism or decades of oppression? How many times in recent months have criminals – with records as long as the River Nile – been deified? One was buried in a gold casket and a university considered naming a scholarship after one of these career criminals. By that logic, Ted Bundy should have a memorial building dedicated to psychiatry named after him.

Sports stars are taking knees, striking and cloaking themselves in BLM messaging while the leagues gladly pick on players who stray from script.

They’re standing up for people that have committed sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, drug offences, firearm offences, trespassing, outstanding warrants and holding guns to the belly of a pregnant woman. When they disobey orders from the police and face the obvious consequences, woke politicians waste no time siding with the criminals and activist DAs are quick to tamper with evidence to create narratives.

Instead of sticking up for minorities, why not just stand up for what is right, regardless of melanin.

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