Stench beneath her wings

All class. We welcome Better Midler’s free speech as it only amplifies her out-of-touch Hollywood elitist beliefs which pander to the mob.

Bette Midler is renowned for her Twitter bile.

She proudly made a reference to wishing the death of one of the surviving Koch brothers. It was so bad even the princess of faux outrage, Alyssa Milano, condemned her comments.

Midler also took a stab at law abiding NRA members saying “how many” had they killed today? To which someone called her out for her support of abortion.

So nice that she seeks to smear the First Lady who speaks 4 more languages than Midler. If she’s going to slap someone for whom English is a second language, maybe she should extend her bigotry toward picking on the pronunciation of the minority waitress at her local Hollywood cafe.

Bitter Midler.

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