Bupa contract should be rescinded by Dept of Home Affairs

Utter incompetence at every step of the way.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has outsourced its visa medical checks to BUPA. It is nothing short of racketeering. Exorbitant prices with conflicting advice from the call centre, website and actual desk.

So poorly managed are the systems, that the services you are required to pay for end up being different. It’s systems also don’t update any change in surname/passport at the DoHA end.

There is no proper process to lodge a complaint other than writing a name on a piece of paper with the approximate day/date/time called. It is all ad hoc and nary an apology made for their mistakes. 5-star prices. 1-star service.

From a shareholder point of view, it has great cash conversion. The customer pays immediately for services they consume in 2-4 weeks time. Any refunds made by their mistake are repaid in 10 working days while fees that were charged during the payment process don’t get refunded.

BUPA should have its contract rescinded. It is far too complacent to be able to administer such an important function for immigration.

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