150x more negative media coverage of Trump than Biden. Who knew?

According to MRC, from June 1 through July 31, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts focused 512 minutes of airtime on President Trump, or 9x more than the 58 minutes allotted to Biden.

The extra airtime devoted to Trump consisted almost entirely of anchors and reporters criticizing the President. During these two months, our analysts documented 668 evaluative statements about the President, 95 percent of which (634) were negative, vs. a mere five percent (34) that were positive. Using the same methodology we found very few evaluative statements about Joe Biden — just a dozen, two-thirds of which (67%) were positive

…Do the math, and viewers heard 150 TIMES more negative comments about Trump than Biden. That’s not news reporting — that’s a negative advertising campaign in action.”

As we’ve long said, these networks don’t get that their Trump Derangement Syndrome effectively gives Trump 24-7 media coverage for free. Exactly the same mistake made in 2016.

At what point – in the last 4 years of wailing nonstop – do they pause to ponder they maybe overdoing it and people may be tuning out?

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