CBS to consult former Obama admin DoJ staff on crafting Police shows

You have to hand it to the mainstream media networks to pander to the mob. Cop shows on CBS will now receive the guiding hand of two former Obama administration officials to correct how police officers are displayed on television.

Charles H. Ramsey acted as co-chair of Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing and Ronald L. Davis worked for the DoJ.

The public safety group known as 21CP Solutions advertises itself as a “diverse and seasoned group of professionals who have worked with local, state and federal jurisdictions and communities to advance 21st century policing and lead some of the most significant police reform efforts in the country,”

Can these networks get any more pathetic? Look what happened to A+E when it ditched police shows to appeal to wokeness. It lost half its audience. We’re quite sure viewers won’t be tuning in to see burning police cars, lasers shone in police officers’ eyes or catch and release.

We shouldn’t be surprised. When kids cartoons like Paw Patrol that feature a police dog get heavily changed, the cultural Marxists have seized control of programming.

Perhaps they ought to look at the polls to see how the public think of policing before embarking on ridiculous crusades under the banner of social justice. 86% want a higher police presence.

Perhaps CBS can head to Seattle, Portland or Chicago for casting? We wouldn’t want the criminals portrayed in the wrong light, would we. Now that CHAZ has been chopped, there are plenty of people who are still unemployed.

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