#WalkAway story on Healthcare – Trump vs Obama

Presented without comment.

I’m a #WalkAway because I have witnessed Democratic corruption firsthand within Healthcare.

I work in healthcare and have seen the detriment that Obamacare was to our country. It eliminated the competition between health insurance companies so premiums skyrocketed, coverage and benefits dwindled, and citizens were forced to go to clinics instead of private doctors – access to care and quality of care fell substantially. If you couldn’t afford to pay for Obamacare, you were unfairly penalized through taxation…

…President Trump seeks to reduce drug and medical costs to a point that is affordable for all citizens. We can provide for ourselves and make our own choices. He is giving power back to the people.

Here are some of the Executive Orders that Trump has signed regarding Healthcare:

13765 – Removed the tax penalty that came from Obamacare

13784 – Established a commission to combat the opioid crisis

13813 – Eliminated insurance borders to increase competition and drive premium costs down

13877 – Improved price and quality transparency in healthcare to help patients choose where to seek the best care

13879 – Advanced American kidney health by providing funding for support and research concerning dialysis

13890 – Protecting and improving Medicare

13909 – Prioritizing and allocating resources to respond to spread of COVID19

13910 – Preventing hoarding of medical resources

13911 – Allowing DPA to aid in COVID19 response

13937 – Improving access to your affordable medications

13938 – Increasing drug importation to lower prices for patients

13939 – Eliminating medical kickbacks to middlemen to reduce cost to patients

13941 – Improving access to telehealth

He is also ordering insurance companies to cover all preexisting conditions, is slashing prices of insulin and epi pens, and is ordering pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs to our country at the lowest worldwide price.

For these reasons I vote RED. A vote for President Trump is a vote for the health of America.”

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