When the left eats it’s own on campus

In 2017, a video produced by left-leaning media outlet,Vice, detailed the intolerance practiced on campus at Evergreen State College.

Students can be seen holding prepared crib sheets as they shout profanity at faculty staff. Another section shows these militant students actively discussing a plan to ensure the president can’t escape the assembled mob by blocking off exits.

Bari Weiss – who just resigned from the NYT – detailed the incident in an op-Ed.

The irony is that the NYT refused to cover a Maoist insurrection in its news section forcing Weiss to cover it in an op-ed.

Where was the civil discourse much less signs of respect? One student openly admitted she is worried about expressing a “nuanced opinion.” This was three years ago. Imagine how much worse it has become now that cancel culture is in full swing.

If students like this are the future, God Help America.

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