Redskins logo designed by Blackfeet tribal leader


It was inevitable that the Washington Redskins would be pressured to change the name. Little do many people know that it was designed by a Blackfeet tribal leader, Walter “Blackie” Wetzel, back in 1972.

Wetzel, a former National Congress American Indian President, urged the Redskins in 1971 to change their logo from the burgundy and gold “R'” to the image that is about to be cancelled.

He was inspired by Chief Two Guns Whitecalf, a Blackfeet Chief whose likeness also appeared on the Buffalo nickel, minted from 1913-38.

Wetzel told WaPo in 2002 that, “It made us all so proud to have an Indian on a big-time team. It is only a small group of radicals who oppose those names. Indians are proud of Indians.

Will the Redskins choose a new name that honours American Indians or will it wilt to some other PC name to appease the mob?

In 2020, history doesn’t matter. Facts don’t matter. Only the feelings of woke liberals who protest on behalf of groups they haven’t consulted to make themselves feel less guilty about things they have nothing to apologise for.

We wonder just how the lives of American-Indians will be improved by the name change? Our bet is absolutely not one bit. We think NFL ratings will decline as fans can no longer enjoy the game without ever more political stunts being introduced.

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