Six F-1 drivers take a stand against hypocrisy

Before the Austrian F-1 GP, Max Verstappen, Antonio Giovinazzi, Daniil Kvyat, Carlo Sainz, Charles Leclerc and Kimi Raikkonen chose to stand while 14 other drivers took the knee in support of BLM.

Good to see that some sports stars aren’t prepared to be shamed into political stunts especially one driven (no pun intended) by one of the biggest hypocrites in the paddock, who drives for a manufacturer with a history of slavery.

As we pointed out last week, Aussie driver Daniel Ricciardo perfectly summed up the fear of being cancelled for not speaking up.

Here’s betting all 14 kneelers haven’t even read the reprehensible Marxist manifesto of #BLM movement they knelt for.

We can’t wait for the next woke cause. It will probably be surrounding climate change. Just think of how mothers dropping their kids off to soccer practice in a second hand SUVs will be chastised by these F-1 kneelers as they whiz around tracks in 5mpg race cars. Never mind that they came to the circuit in helicopters after landing at a nearby airport on private jets post spending half the season in coronavirus lockdown on 300ft super yachts with bikini clad supermodels.


  1. Off the top, your first paragraph shows a significant percentage (ratio: 14 of 20) on the BLM supporting side. That’s a part of what democracy, and freedom of expression/action, are all about, isn’t it?

    Off the bottom, your final paragraph needs some serious English-language work. I tried to parse it but was unable to do so. It is indecipherable and makes a flat tire (pun intended) of the sarcasm or irony you apparently wish to convey to readers. As just three examples: (i) what is meant by “follow up work cause on climate change”? (ii) who are “they” [twice]? (iii) was it “race cars” “they flew into [‘into’ where?]” or “tracks they flew into”?

    (I waited several hours for other readers to weigh in with reactions or opinions. As of this writing, there are no “Likes” or comments other than this from me. Do you record “hits” or “likes” or “comments” to your various postings? How many have you received…say, cumulatively, for the past 30 days?)


  2. Richard,

    I missed my 76yo mentor from the left. How are you?

    Spellcheck on my mobile phone is awful at times and my eyesight is sometimes too poor to pick it up. It should have been “woke cause” not “work cause”. Touché. Perhaps I should hire you as an editor?

    Indeed freedom of expression is a good thing. However I guess many of the 14 kneelers were probably worried about a backlash on social media than supporting BLM which makes them hypocrites. No way that Kimi Raikkonen was going to cower to the mob. Lewis’s Hamilton hasn’t done too badly from a manufacturer that see slave labour. If he had principles he’d resign.

    Not really so worried about “likes” and so on. Vanity isn’t a strong suit. That’s why I don’t care about virtue signaling. It is supposed to rattle cages. Not appease the TikTok set.

    Success is measured in value, not volume.

    That I constantly get under your skin makes it all worth while.

    Have a good day sir (sorry if I presumed your pronoun).



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