“Master bedroom” cancelled

The Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) has announced it will stop using the word “master bedroom” when referring to features of a house because it could be perceived a harking back to slavery. It will be replaced by “primary bedroom.”

What’s next?

Will university Masters degrees be changed?


Master Builders Association?

Oprah’s Master Class?

The Masters golf tournament?

Master Locks?

Master Specs?

Master Projects?

Master Cleaning Services?

Master Shipwrights?

Rainbow Master Painters?

When will this cancel culture stop?


  1. HAR! HAR! Myself, I am taken by “(Large) Primary Bedroom”; it has a nice, elegant ring to it, and I predict that its use will catch on and resonate across the nation’s RE spectrum. My refuge, my primary bedroom, is smallish but functional and fully adequate for my daily/nightly 76 yo needs.

    “Primary Projects,” on the other hand, is nicely alliterative, but let’s not wax OCD about this frenzy….


    1. Robert

      It is this idea of compelled language which is such a joke.

      Has anyone been remotely triggered in the past by the idea of a master bedroom?

      The left wants to create an issue that never existed in order to appear woke.

      It’s pathetic.

      If this is the extent of systemic racism and oppression the war has already been won.


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