The Chixie Dicks

The Dixie Chicks have ditched the first part of the name because of the racist implications of ‘Dixie‘ and will now be called the ‘The Chicks.’ Why didn’t the band act way sooner if the name had racist roots in the first place?

We secretly live in hope that in the band’s quest to go woke that the feminist outrage mob seize on the word ‘Chicks‘ because of the sexist and pejorative nature of the word in the cancel culture.

Maybe Prince, who replaced his name with a symbol, should be who they channel until they’re accused of appropriating an artist of colour.?

The landing page for The Chicks new site now proclaims, “IF YOUR VOICE HELD NO POWER, THEY WOULDN’T TRY TO SILENCE YOU.” Never mind that the mob is trying to silence people who speak out.

While the video montage of their new song, ‘March, March” is supposed to be specifically about supporting BLM it also included Great Thunberg, climate change, rising sea levels, LGBTQI+, black trans live matter, school mass shootings and ditching the 2nd Amendment. Best get in all of the crusades of the left and dilute the purpose of fighting racism by, you guessed it, more identity politics.

Makes it look more like a publicity stunt than an actual mea culpa. Although to give them their due, they have made a song in 2002 titled, ‘White Trash Wedding‘. So they’ve been self-loathing for a while.

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