Fake News at its most sinister


How disgraceful that NPR, a state-funded media, runs such political bias in its coverage. NPR ran a narrative that a right-wing lunatic was intentionally attacking protestors using the car as a battering ram.

A video that followed showed the protestors harassing the driver. The driver took off and collected one of them. Totally avoidable incident.

As it turns out, NPR retracted the story, deleted the tweet and issued this.



Journalistic integrity, or the lack of it, was best explained by Denzel Washington in this video.


  1. You’ve addressed one incidence of poor/retracted reporting. Are *all* of the “…reports of 50 vehicle-ramming incidents since…late May” similarly “fake,” “sinister,” “disgraceful,” “bias(ed),” “shameless”? 2 of them? 5? 17? 29? 44?


    1. Robert,

      Aren’t you concerned that taxpayer funded media take such views? They should be impartial. Not run narratives that suit their agenda. It is sinister. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX etc are commercial networks which rely on self sourced income. If they make bad commercial decisions then they bear the risk.

      What evidence that they were all
      Right wing? Probably find many were fleeing a mob. Recall a policeman was mowed down in Buffalo. Was that right wing based? Or just plain lawless?


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