Yet more evidence of good deeds by police and the relationship with those they protect.

This morning, before our group fitness class. Luna and I saw a few cops parked in the same parking lot as us.

The conversation between Luna and I over the past week consisted of the obvious…further understanding of her black side and what it means to be black (in general and in America), but mainly her treatment of people. Explaining that; 2 wrongs never make a right, you never meet hate with hate, and we always find a solution to our problems.

I started to notice Luna’s dialogue over the past few days and in her confused little 6 year old brain, she didn’t know whether or not if she should like cops. She started questioning all things in regards to how to feel toward cops (rightfully so).

As her father, I feel it is my job not to fuel that confusion but find a SOLUTION to her dilemma. With everything being routed in fear right now, I chose to bring Luna over to these 3 officers and they couldn’t have proven my point any clearer. When you meet hate with love and compassion, there’s no room for that hate to grow.

These gentlemen were sweet to my LunBoon, showed me love, and Luna got a sheriff badge and teddy bear.👍🏾

My point is, when talking to the next generation, make sure it’s with love, compassion, and clear understanding. Teaching them to conquer their fears…speaking even though your voice quivers.

Thank you Jefferson Police Department for having such upstanding officers!

As individuals…WE MUST BE THE CHANGE!”

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