Abraham Lincoln’s statue to be removed in Boston?

Boston May Remove Abraham Lincoln Statue

Yep, Boston is considering removing a statue of Abraham Lincoln standing next to a freed slave after a petition was launched. Tory Bullock, the petition’s organizer, said the statue represents submissiveness, not freedom.

Isn’t the statue supposed to depict Lincoln gesturing the slave rise to his feet as he is now free of bondage?

Ahh, ok. Because it was a white man that led the Emancipation Proclamation, best rub him out of the equation with a more politically correct version of events? Might as well level the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC while they are at it?

The mayor’s office said that Mayor Walsh wants a “community discussion” about its future and whether a “new statue commemorating the end of slavery should be commissioned to take its place.

When will these politicians grow some balls and stand up to this stupidity?

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