#WalkAway hits 250,000

We’ve written about the #WalkAway (from the Democrat Party) movement for a few years now, founded by Brandon Straka. His viral video here.

We subscribe to the FB page and note in recent weeks there has been a huge surge in people posting they’ve joined the #WalkAway movement. It is no surprise.

These people are from all walks of life. Whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, LGBTQI…goths. You name it. 252,000 are members and we encourage people to read their stories about how poisonous they believe the Democrat Party has become.

Kat Taylor (pictured) wrote,

In 2016 I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders. In order to get elected as a delegate, we all went up and explained why we were worthy of getting accepted. This basically meant, say as many reasons why you have been oppressed and whoever has it the “hardest” gets to be a delegate…

…I began to realize that if I can’t keep up with the progression of the liberal party, I can’t be a part of it. It’s not enough to have “some liberal ideas” you have to be all in – or your out! And if your out, that means that you are a racist, you are priveledged, you are sexist, you are bigoted…

… This is why I’m voting #trump2020 KAG.”

Or Garett,

Hi everyone, my name is Garrett. I’m new here, but feel privileged to be a part of the #WalkAway movement.

spending years in the gay community I was always led to believe that, politically, I had to be a liberal. Democrats were the ones who truly cared about the LGBT community,

In 2016 I didn’t vote. The past four years have been beyond eye opening. Not only did I start taking the time to do my own research and allow myself to be open minded, but I started to see the true colors of so many people who had claimed to be so loving and inclusive. I have seen so much hatred and division, and have been verbally attacked for my support of Trump, accused of self-hatred, xenophobia, racism, you name it…I can’t WAIT to vote for Trump in November! 😁 Blessings to you all!! Stay strong!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Or Jessie,

I am a gay woman that believes in equality.. I voted Democrat like clockwork until Covid-19 and the riots that followed. Racism is a very real thing, yes, but hypocrisy is as well. Members of the left play on the lefts self image of pro-peace, anti-violence, anti-racism, anti-bullying. It’s an act. A delusion. So many times now I have witnessed a leftist immediately resorting to name calling at the first sign of disagreement. So many times now I have witnessed liberals jump to the defense of violence toward the innocent because it’s in the name of a “greater cause.” So many times now I have heard that reverse racism isn’t a thing while watching video after video of whites being violently attacked simply because of the color of their skin. I am not against equality, but I am very much against hypocrisy.”

Or Talia:

My name is Talia Howard and a friend of mine invited me to this page and WOW can I just say I’ve never been on a page with more kind and tolerant people in my life and I am so excited to be associating with like minded patriotic individuals. I am of Hispanic/Arabic heritage and people are very surprised when they hear I support the President. I was fortunate enough to be raised on the right side of politics and grew up conservative. However I am more of a closet Trump supporter because of all the attacks, name calling and backlash I get, along with my whole family when I share that I support Trump. It’s a sad world we live in when we can’t even openly support the President. Can’t wait to vote in November!! Trump2020

The Facebook link to #WalkAway is here. Just scroll the pictures and you’ll get an idea of how diverse the group is. Identity politics he damned. Celebrate like minded individuals instead.

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