Who Knew? 18.6% of Minneapolis real estate listings up for sale in last 7 days


Do Americans really want Democrat policies at a national level? As the Minneapolis City Council voted to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with community-led public safety groups, reports are that 18.6% of Minneapolis’ total real estate listings have come up for sale in just 7 days. Real estate website Zillow has tested at 15%. As a rule, 5-6% of total properties is a general average for properties for sale at any one time. Minneapolis at 3x that. Who knew?

What did these politicians think when they were debating to disband the police? None of this cross their minds?

What is worse, the tax base will shrink with it further compounding the problems these political hacks think they will solve for with kumbaya hand-holding. Watch crime soar. Well done liberals. Just when we think new levels of stupidity are hit, you guys manage to lower the bar time after time.

Once again, how can sane Americans honestly see Democrats as a credible alternative to Trump, for all of his foibles?


  1. Also fact not fiction is the fact that the police brought this on themselves and their city, not the “liberals”. Do you also blame the United States for the destruction of Germany at the end of WWII? Why not, why blame Hitler and the Nazis who actually started it all when you can just mindlessly shift the blame to suit your narrative, as you are trying to do here? Typical “conservative”


    1. Thanks Jennifer.

      We would happily respond to your answers.

      Minneapolis has been run by Democrat mayors for almost 60 years. The mayors appoint police chiefs who then oversee their police forces and mutually set goals.

      Several members of a poorly run police force committed the heinous act. To have the President of Minneapolis City Council talk of the police being a ‘privilege’ is as daft as it gets. She wants to throw the baby out with the bath water. The spike in home sales (should we say desire to sell) stems from the fact that these people see the future – grim. What business will want to invest? What insurance company will want to risk writing policies against a home or store where police aren’t there to mitigate risk?

      Our article is about rational economics. Not liberal or conservative. Nothing to do with nazis or Hitler. Pure economic theory which is being played in real time.

      Just like CHAZ or CHOP. Dem Mayor of Seattle calling it a summer of love. How ironic that these protestors are also realizing first hand about economics. They’re demanding supplies from the very democracy they want to overturn. They live behind walls and restrict immigration.

      The hypocrisy is mind boggling.

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      1. Excellent reply. The Left doesn’t want to take responsibility for the damage their policies have inflicted on these cities. I guess it is just coincidence that all of the rioting,burning and looting is happening in Democratic controled areas?

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  2. Trump…foibles?? Wow. Such an innocuous word to address the facts and actions attending to the reign of a petulant child — h/o to Michigan’s AG — leading (sic) the flailing, fragmenting empire….


    1. Robert,

      Apologies for the delay in the uploading of your comment.

      Trump has many shortcomings but he’s achieved lots. His style is unorthodox, uncouth and vulgar at times. His tweets are inflammatory.

      Perhaps we might ask ourselves this. If previous administrations had dealt with all the issues we’re seeing today Trump wouldn’t have seen the light of day. Previous administrations gave birth to his political life.

      It is refreshing. NATO has been put on notice after free riding on the back
      of America for almost two decades despite their own self imposter promises to commitment. He called them out.

      WHO – 100% correct decision

      Paris Accord – why sign up to commitments that the #1 polluter doesn’t need to follow. Furthermore US emissions are down since he has been president by the largest amounts ever. A fact.

      Unemployment pre corona was the lowest ever, especially among minorities.

      Manufacturing jobs returned. Over 500,000 of them. 12500 factories reopened in America.

      Prison reform. Now police reform etc.

      The amazing thing is that despite the most biased and hateful media he managed to achieve it. Journalistic integrity will only return when the mainstream media loves America more than it hates Trump.

      And all this garbage about sleeping with porn stars and grabbing p•sues. Who cares? Do you really look to your politicians for moral guidance or to get things done?

      Ultimately the question is that in the last 4 months we’ve seen a witch-hunt impeachment trial, despotic Democrat governors and mayors rule with an iron fist during coronavirus treating constituents like children to them go weak at the knees and bash up all of the good cops as a scapegoat for the few bad apples and for what? To appear woke.

      Thanks for your comment.


      FNF Media

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      1. –You didn’t mention the under-Trump completion of the total obeisance of the US to the Zionist wackos of Israel, to their US fifth-columnists/dual-loyalists (the ilk of Adelson, Kushner, AIPAC, CUFI, ‘Amb’ David Friedman, 95 percent of Congress and that or more of the principal bureaucracy running the executive…). Isn’t a Second Declaration of Independence and the severance of the “entangling alliance” in order? not under Trump….

        –When are we/Trump going to get the hell out of Syria (not to mention Iraq…) and let President Al-Assad run his own government, unfettered? Might it be that Israel has something to say about that?

        –I continue to look, among the few items my 76 yo body and household need, for something — almost anything — “Made in the USA.” Last week, I ordered from Amazon a pet “cooling pad” for my comfort puppy…”Made in China.” Why hasn’t that factory re-located to the USA, with US employees to fill it? I’ve never seen a statistic (I do note your “500,000” + “12,500” numbers with a great dollop of skepticism) regarding a percentage of goods previously outsourced and imported from abroad pre-Trump vs. now-Trump. What are those 500,000 / 12,500 MAKING?


      2. Robert,

        I encourage you to read a wonderful true story of my fried who united Israeli and Palestinian kids using Australian Football.


        Did you know that Putin has a deal where his navy ships can use the Syrian Port of Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea, Also note that Syria is Putin’s #1 military export customer. Iran #2. Does that give you a hint?

        Are you in the market for a car? Ford and GM have made new capacity. Tesla too. Apple. Intel, GE, Dow Chem and even Louis Vuitton has set up. Plenty to choose from.

        Don’t give up.. Make America Great Again.

        Trump is kicking ass. He’s making big changes. He is uncouth and unorthodox but so what? Obama was too busy putting people in another bathroom while his wife took over foreign policy by hashtagging Boko Haram to let 293 kidnapped teenage girls go. Don’t forget the lack of respect shown by China on his last visit. No stairs, no red carpet and no senior dignitaries when he got of Air Force One. Nice guy. Utter failure.

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    1. Thanks Gumby.

      If people wish to express their opinions they need to provide facts.

      Unlike liberal sites we don’t censor any comments. People free to write what they like. Equally as we respect their free speech, they need to respect ours. Simple.

      Please feel free to subscribe. We are all about “debunking” mainstream media narratives – from America, UK, Europe to Australia. We’re agnostic.

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  3. This is a lie.

    18.6% of current listings (not homes) may have been put up in the last week. This indicates that houses sell quickly, so the pool of available homes turns over regularly.

    Currently, there are 1140 homes listed on Zillow. There are 183,000 single family homes in the city, plug condos. So less than 1% of the homes in the city are currently for sale, far less than the national average you cite.

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