SWAT team resigns after Boss kneels & 22-yo Vice Mayor chucks them under bus

In September 2017, incoming Chief of Hallandale Beach Police, Sonia Quinones was reported as “a ground breaking hire” by the media. The new chief pledged she wanted to be “an agent or change…my key goals are to improve public safety, public trust and employee morale.

In an effort to be an agent of change, she kneeled with protestors to support BLM. Her SWAT team were having none of it and expressed their morale by all resigning from their posts.

Apart from highlighting they were minimally equipped, under trained and restrained by the politicization of their tactics, the resignation letter noted

The risk of carrying out our duties in this capacity is no longer acceptable to us and our families. The anguish and stress of knowing that what we may be lawfully called upon to do in today’s political climate combined with the team’s current situation and several recent local events, leave us in a position that is untenable.

In yet another Democrat controlled district, proud BLM supporter Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana was mentioned in the letter as,

“[taking] pleasure in besmirching the hard work and dedication of the members of this professional agency, having the gall to compare us to the Minneapolis Police Department.

22-yo Javellana proudly displays #GoodTrouble on her Twitter hashtag and happily notes on her Hallandale Beach public profile that she is “a progressive activist in Hallandale Beach and Broward County, Sabrina works to be an advocate for social justice especially in terms of economic, racial, and gender based issues,”

She happily retweeted several posts made about the move by the SWAT team to resign.

You have to wonder how it comes to pass that the very people who set the guidelines for policing go out of their way to throw their team under a bus? Go figure.

As we have mentioned many times in recent weeks, this constant pandering to the hypocritical BLM movement which has such questionable ethics boggles the mind. Just like the Webster Police Chief who laid prone with his hands behind his back after saying all of his cops were good.

Why don’t these chiefs and politics leaders defend their police instead of cowardly acts to appease the mob who openly encourage defunding and in some cases disbanding?

We repeat. This constant push by the left to hijack George Floyd’s death for political purposes works in Trump’s favour come November. He is the only candidate that is speaking common sense – if you can believe that – about keeping law and order and American citizens safe.

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