Puritans are at it again

Now BBC has removed the ‘Fawlty Towers‘ episode that includes the “Don’t mention the war” skit from its iPlayer.

The irony is this was one of the defining pieces of the humour of Fawlty Towers. Have Germans signed petitions demanding it be removed over the decades it has been aired? No. Even a nation that is not known for its sense of humour are well aware of the comedy of the caustic Brits.

Why hasn’t the BBC removed all episodes for the misogynistic behaviour towards his wife Cybil and Polly the maid, the white supremacy and condescending actions towards the Spanish bell hop, Manuel and the lack of black actors who featured throughout the series apart from the doctor who removed Cybil’s ingrown toenail, ironically in the same episode as the Germans?

Where is the pushback? Our politicians are silent.

The sad thing is the very people making the decision to tell us what we can consume are the least qualified to be able to make those judgments.

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