Good Cop, Silly Cop

Why would Webster, MA Police Chief Michael Shaw say to an audience of BLM protestors that all of his cops are good cops who work hard for the community and then proceed to lie prone with his hands behind his back to protest the death of George Floyd?

Instead of a show to appease a mob, perhaps he might have spoken about what his force is doing right. What procedures have allowed for those successes? What lessons could be transferred to other police departments around the country that have internal issues around police brutality? Compare his data since changes were made to the rest of the country to back up the claims. Where is the pushback?

Instead of being a beacon of common sense and a voice of reason, he submitted to a group chanting “I can’t breathe!

Webster has a population of 17,000. Yet violent crime rates are above the national average and 2x the state of Massachusetts (MA). That is the law of small numbers coming into play. Property crimes are at half the national average and in line with MA.

We applaud the brave police who have not submitted to shouts to have them “take a knee!

Some cops are proud of who they are and what they do without being shamed into surrendering to peer pressure sought by the mob over things their exemplary records don’t attest to. They don’t need to prove anything to a mob who haven’t the first clue what they’re talking about.

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