I got chipped

Never mind surrendering your privacy. Getting chipped will save so much time. No more queues, forgetting computer passwords, transferring medical data, paying for coffee or producing your license and registration for the police. Literally hand it over. Just have a chip inserted inside your hand with all that information stored.

A company in Wisconsin adopted it for employees with promises that there is no GPS tracker. Phew!…?

Given the machines that read the codes via a proximity sensor essentially act as a GPS tracker it wouldn’t be hard to envisage a despotic state like Wisconsin, Michigan or Victoria investing in proximity sensors for our own good of course.

The flip side to that argument is that our cell phones already act as a beacon which tracks our movements. There is truth to that but how much do we want to embrace a technology that lives inside one’s body?

No thanks. Maybe the company health insurance provider will be interested to know how many candy bars and soda pops employees are consuming via the company vending machine to tweak their premiums.

What is the risk of being hacked? Having one’s data stolen? You might be innocently strolling through a mall and all of a sudden that data is captured.

Don’t buy the unhackable lie.

On a trip to Israel in 2018, an intern in Beersheba was asked by his boss to see if he could hack a top of the line Samsung refrigerator with a touch panel display embedded in the door. He easily bypassed it and left the message “pay 1 bitcoin to account #abc123 by midday or I go up by 1 degree per hour.”

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