The Atlantic ramps up the COVID19 hysteria to 11

You have to hand it to the sensationalist mainstream media. The Atlantic, as we wrote yesterday, makes Pravda look like Volkischer Beobachter. Its latest tome suggests that Georgia wants to stick another bolt in the neck of the already freakish Frankensteinomics experiment to date.

If The Atlantic had its way, COVID19 would have to be eradicated in its entirety before a whisper could be uttered about reopening the economy.

Opening the economy carries risk. However there comes a time where properly assessed risk is tolerable. There comes a point where waiting has exponential negative consequences. Crossing when to do it is an awesome responsibility!

The data for Georgia is mild relative to the country in terms of infections and around 1/3rd the national average for deaths/state population as a result of COVID19. This completely contradicts the narrative of The Atlantic which wrote,

Georgia has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.”

It went on with , “on Friday, gyms, churches, hair and nail salons, and tattoo parlors were allowed to reopen, if the owners were willing.”

We know that this has been perfectly feasible in South Dakota. Thrusting personal responsibility on individuals and business. So if it is “voluntary“, what is The Atlantic’s point? Has South Dakota reeled into oblivion? It wouldn’t appear so.

We think there is something in giving people the freedom to act on credible information, not endless fear mongering. Furthermore, if these businesses had credible demand from customers, they could easily adopt social distancing measures and strict reservation protocols for the benefit of everyone.

The article pointed to some bar owners who were worried that the maths wouldn’t work even if they reopened for fear of a lack of customers, forcing them to close.

Why not innovate? Set age restrictions on entry. Encourage social distancing between tables. Have hand sanitizer on the bar. Did The Atlantic pick a pub that was already on its knees before the pandemic to interview? We wouldn’t be surprised.

If Australia reopened its pubs the rent would likely be paid in full for the next 12 months on the first day.

We think too many are underestimating human nature. When Californians are taking to the streets you can be sure that progressivism has its limits too. Most of us have the message to practice good behaviours until the all clear is given.

Be thankful The Atlantic isn’t running any government. To write sensationalist headlines that seek to suggest the governor has a death wish is plain irresponsible.

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