The next thing we’ll read is it is un-Australian not to download it

We wrote about the blind ignorance surrounding the COVIDSafe app last week. Nothing has been put in context. No perspective. Just the media peddling fear. Even worse, people felt compelled to share their “commitment” on social media. It seems more like a desperate attempt for validation and approval than helping.

As we wrote, “99.9997% of Aussies haven’t died from COVID19. Furthermore, 99.98% haven’t caught it.”

We have a 211x higher chance of dying of heart disease and a 37x more likelihood of passing away from the flu. We’d have a 36x higher chance of kicking the bucket if we fell from a ladder.

Why not a FLUSafe app? Surely Australians are just as deserved to track someone who has the flu but selfishly handles fruit and vegetables at Coles but ends up not purchasing any.

Or a LADDERSafe app to ensure that people don’t risk 7 years of bad luck by coming into contact with someone who had walked under one?

In some media, anyone who hasn’t downloaded the COVIDSafe app is now being labeled selfish. noted,

And yet while four million have – millions others haven’t. Whether they’re too selfish, too lazy or too ignorant to do a little research and realise their privacy is not at risk, they’re compromising all of us by choosing not to be one of the 10 million needed to take up the contact-tracing app for it to be a success…To cite distrust of the government or threats to privacy as reasons not to download the app, is not only grossly self-important but a wilful act of self and collective sabotage.”

When will the left work out that shaming doesn’t work?

The hysteria is extreme. 94% of coronavirus deaths have been a result of comorbidities. That is a weakened immune system. A previous record of heart disease and so on. Coronavirus was a catalyst, not the primary cause.

This isn’t to trivialize the pandemic but we are more concerned at sheepish conformity by certain members of the public who don’t seems to be considering the data.

Perhaps millions more of these unAustralian Aussies don’t smell what is happening to the them as fair dinkum. Moreover, they aren’t prepared to trade an expedited trip to the pub as a reward for downloading an app.


  1. I think you may be over-reacting. The virus has frightened people – notwithstanding higher statistics from other causes of death. However, here as elsewhere in the world, people are coming together emotionally while being kept apart physically. And so, I own up as having taken the app since it seems a communal thing to do. And, what have I to lose?


    1. I have no issue with people downloading the app whatsoever. It is after all personal choice. We made that point in the first post on COVIDSafe.

      The issue i have is the shaming that is associated with non compliance.


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