BoM’s hottest ever year claim was actually the 4th

Jo Nova has once again caught the Bureau of Meteorology being selective in its reporting.

She noted,

For forty years NASA satellites have been circling the Earth covering our landmass day and night.  But yet again, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has released the obligatory “hottest ever year” media release without mentioning that it wasn’t the hottest year in the far more accurate satellite record of Australia, and that this new “record” depends entirely on adjustments and on ignoring all the data recorded in the 1800s. Once again they miss the change to remind Australians that it was almost certainly hotter for hundreds of years in the Holocene optimum too. Also unmentioned is that there is no trend in droughts and rainfall for the last 178 years.

2019 was the 4th hottest year since 1979 when the UAH satellite data set begins.

Jo Nova continues,

Perhaps in 2020 the Australian Bureau of Meteorology will set their own record, and explain for the first time how and why they adjust their data continuously and post hoc. The Australian surface data is all changed with a mystical secret technique that cools historic thermometers in paddocks, warms them in cities, and can’t be explained to anyone outside the sacred BOM guild. They also might explain why they insist on ignoring the superior satellite data and try to measure a vast continent with flawed surface stations placed next to airport tarmacs, car parks, asphalt, incinerators, skyscrapers, super highways, basically in sites and that are often not compliant with the BOM’s own standards and using super fast electronic sensors in a way that is not WMO compliant either. Let’s not forget they also get data from boxes that are a quarter of the original size, that move all the time, and that many modern records are just meaningless electronic one second “moments” that could never have been recorded in 1910 (or even in 1980). With so many scientific bombs, the marvel is that 2019 wasn’t even “warmer”.

FNF Media would only add why do people blindly follow the data published by the very government agencies they don’t trust? As Ronald Reagan once said,

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

We’ve pointed out before that 85% of the BoM is ranked APS6 or higher I.e. senior management. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Best to create a narrative to sustain the quango.


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