PM’s holidays to be put to a plebiscite from now on?

How pathetic for the PM to have to issue a written apology for taking a family holiday. Would Australians have felt better knowing ScoMo was handing out water bottles with an entire press gallery getting in the way of the RFS? Sean Penn showed how well rescue efforts can go in New Orleans when there was no space in his boat to save anyone because of his press corp.

Do Australians honestly believe that the PM wasn’t getting updates from his cabinet and people relevant to the crisis?

Say, where were these same media pundits lavishing praise on Tony Abbott when he was fighting fires while PM and still doing today?That’s right. They hate him so much that even as a volunteer he receives zero credit, even today when there are no supposed political points to be won!

So which is it? Please define the standard. Should we enshrine it in law and make sure that PMs puts his family holidays, including destination, to a plebiscite before contacting Flight Centre?

Suppose ScoMo had stayed behind. What could have been achieved? What if he approved a $100m budget to spend on new equipment? As states control most of the fire services across the country, there would be a requirement for due diligence on where it would be best deployed. The average age of equipment. What sort of equipment is most required. History shows that has been a shocker.

Even if the $100m was spent tomorrow, it is likely the equipment would arrive after the fires were out.

As it stands fire fighting senior management have made some disastrous decisions on equipment selection. A 737 water bomber that can only operate out of 4 airports, rendering it little more useful than a photo opportunity for politicians to show commitment. Or a military spec helicopter that spends 5hrs in the workshop for every 1hr in the air. Who makes these decisions?

Reality is that those in charge of the purse strings haven’t been that effective.

Voters should reflect on the words of Thomas Sowell,

Those who cry out that the government should ‘do something’ never even ask for data on what has actually happened when the government did something, compared to what actually happened when the government did nothing.”

So before we start casting aspersions on ScoMo people need to get a grip on reality.

Like the fools protesting in front of Kirribilli House. It was nothing to do with bushfires and everything to do with linking it to climate change.

Perhaps we should focus on the tragic loss of two firefighters instead of sniggering at a PM for political point scoring on climate change even though over 85% of bushfires are started accidentally, suspiciously or deliberately.

If only ScoMo had the gumption to tell people to buggeroff when it comes to his family holidays. Sure it comes with the job, but get a grip.

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