Who wouldn’t pay for a stripper at a homeless conference?

Seattle has the 3rd largest homeless population in America. What better way to tackle the crisis than spend taxpayer dollars on a stripper at a conference. Beyonce Black St. James, the performer who self proclaims as trans, danced topless, gave lap dances and kissed attendees. Kira Zylstra, who organised the conference at South Seattle College, has been placed on leave pending an investigation. This is the Democrat party at work – ensuring identity was prioritised ahead of fixing a chronic problem.

Where is homelessness highest in the US? Which party is running the cities/counties?

  1. New York – 78,676 (Democrat)
  2. Los Angeles County – 49,955 (Democrat)
  3. Seattle – 12,112 (Democrat)
  4. San Diego – 8,576 (Republican)
  5. San Jose – 7,254 (Democrat)
  6. District of Columbia – 6,904 (Democrat)
  7. San Francisco – 6,857 (Democrat)
  8. Phoenix – 6,298 (Democrat)
  9. Boston – 6,188 (Democrat)
  10. Las Vegas – 6,083 (Independent)
  11. Philadelphia – 5,788 (Democrat)
  12. Oakland – 5,496 (Democrat)
  13. Chicago – 5,450 (Democrat)
  14. Denver – 5,317 (Democrat)
  15. Santa Ana – 4,955 (Democrat)
  16. Honolulu – 4,495 (Democrat)
  17. Houston – 4,143 (Democrat)

In the US, 70% of the homeless are men. 33% are families with children. 50% white, 40% black. One of the subpopulations is youth who are under the age of 25 and living on their own (without parents or children). This group is 7% of the total homeless population. The ten states with the highest homeless rates account for 55% of the homeless population. New York (Democrat), Hawaii (Democrat), Oregon (Democrat), California (Democrat), and the District of Columbia (Democrat) top this list.

On a positive note, since 2007, homelessness decreased by 15%. Most notably, veterans’ homelessness has dropped by 38% since 2007. Amongst people in families, there has been a 23% decline. And chronic homelessness among individuals has fallen by 19%.

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