Trump trolls Nancy. WaPo fact checks a joke

So pathetic is the Washington Post, the newspaper fact checked Trump’s joke that Nancy Pelosi’s teeth fell out during an impeachment presser. In what was a simple dig at Pelosi’s age and pathetic answers to reporters, WaPo couldn’t resist.

In its piece titled “Trump goes after Pelosi’s teeth as the House gears up for impeachment vote,” WaPo wrote, “The video shows that just before answering the reporter’s question, Pelosi moved her mouth slightly and took a sip of water, but her teeth did not appear out of place and her speech was not interrupted.”

WaPo is no stranger to inane Trump Derangement Syndrome fact checking. It also fact checked Trump’s claim that hamburgers were stacked a mile high in the White House.

WaPo wrote, “FACT CHECK: at 2 inches each one thousand burgers wouldn’t reach 1 mile high.

How easy it is to make liberals cry.

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