Struggling for Xmas gift ideas?

Struggling for last minute Xmas ideas? Sadly this doesn’t exist but there are a whole host of people CM would hand them to.

Babylon Bee puts forward a comical description of what a Greta on the Shelf is programmed to do. She will detect activities including these:

• Leaving the light on when you exit a room

• Leaving the fridge open

• Driving an SUV

• Parents participating in illicit activities that may lead to the creation of more humans

• Using a plastic straw instead of sticking your face in a beverage and slurping

• Forgetting your reusable grocery bags at home

• Getting a cut-down Christmas tree

• Getting a carbon-heavy plastic Christmas tree

• Turning on any electric appliances

• Using the heater instead of rubbing two sticks together for warmth.

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