The magic of varied ability sports

Having been so touched at the Invictus Games last year, it is so nice to hear another story of a young boy, Joseph Tidd, missing a limb sharing a magical moment with a player, Carson Picket who has the same condition. USWNT would do well to study how true champions interact.

To be honest while one can appreciate the efforts of an Usain Bolt, Marlene Ottey or a Michael Phelps in the Olympics breaking new records, there is a mystical spell cast when you see people missing limbs, blindness or another condition, overcoming incredible odds to compete.

Coming first is great for the varied ability competitors but every time you will see winners stay back and encourage those yet to finish to get across the line. The energy that brings to the crowd and to the athletes is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Forget the chest bumping of the elite athletes doing it generally for themselves. If one intends to go to the 2020 Olympics, forget it. Buy tickets to the 2020 Paralympics instead because you will literally see the impossible happen right before your eyes. It is utterly uplifting.

Note in Australia there is a group called Heroes with Abilities which gets groups of people with varied abilities to play rugby league. Same sort of passion and you’ll see people play for the joys of it rather than the trappings that come from it.

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