Haven’t our Senators got more important things to do?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out independent Senator Fraser Anning’s remarks were insensitive at the time of the Christchurch mosque shooting. Appealing that one doesn’t condone his actions proves what exactly? That one is normal?

Parliamentarians and civilians alike attacked Anning relentlessly on social media, calling for his resignation. Greens Senator Larissa Waters even posted a congratulatory picture of herself ‘flipping the bird’ to Anning while he was being interviewed on the lawn below her office. With class like that, we should hold great faith in our public officials and their ability to set community and moral standards. Seriously?

Is the Senate’s quest to virtue signal so great that they have to log it in the Hansard that “we were on the right side of history in slamming Anning’s inflammatory words“? Our feral Senate has hardly cloaked itself in glory to be dishing out lectures of propriety to others.

Ultimately, what purpose does it serve to push through a censure motion on a man who likely won’t be in the Senate in 6 weeks time? Anning probably couldn’t care less in any event. It was political theatre. Nothing more.

Australia has far more pressing issues than this. Energy prices, wage growth, jobs creation, affordable housing, tax relief…the list goes on. Anning probably ranks outside the Top 100 things burning inside the electorate.

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