Qantas – do you think this might work better?


Qantas is training it’s staff not to use words like “honey”, “darling” or ”husband & wife” to avoid offending minorities onboard. Here’s a better idea Qantas. Instead of blanket removing words from the new speak dictionary why not improve your service to a level where customers at or before check-in can elect to let you know what they’re happy with being called? That way everyone can praise the airline for “attention to detail”, an accolade that is generally not bestowed on Qantas. If CM is called darling or honey I won’t be offended.

Qantas would probably find 99% of passengers couldn’t care less. Presumably all 63 genders will need to be cited ahead of the safety briefing. What about if a 7yo child feels offended that the parent/adult/guardian puts on their oxygen mask first is inappropriately ignoring that he/she/xie identifies as a 19yo? Maybe Qantas should install 63 toilets onboard to really make sure all levels are catered for? Or prayer rooms for all faiths? PC nonsense going too far.


  1. What about the Qantas Chairmans Lounge – the one Alan Joyce described as one of the most exclusive clubs in Australia?

    What are the repercussions for staff that don’t comply?

    What about the moms and dads, moms and moms, dads and dads traveling with children – who individually like to be called mom or dad?

    How about a handbook outlining best in class service and how to be respectful to EVERYONE, including the 99% of travellers who couldn’t careless what they were called, as long as it’s accompanied by a sincere smile and great service.

    When we start eroding the free use of our language, and prescribe how people have to speak, we stop being individuals free to express ourselves…or is that the point?

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