Unconscious bias vs conscious bias


An interesting chat this week with a senior manager of a global corporation. He is recruiting but was told by his HR department that there is a risk he might have ‘unconscious bias.’ In order to mitigate those fears HR blanks out anything it deems might trigger it. Think of wartime correspondence from the front line to families  at home.

Unsurprisingly he takes such things as a slight on his own character. That despite two decades of loyal service the company all of a sudden deems his judgement (which til then was never called into question) as something to regulate.

The irony of modern HR departments is that they seem to go out of their way to find out every detail on gender, race, religion and disability during the application process in order to enforce their own ‘conscious bias’.

The Australian Defence Forces are also being bullied into conscious bias. As CM wrote several months back,

“Recruiters at the ADF have been told they must hire women or face relocation if they don’t comply. The recruiters say there are no jobs available for men in the in the infantry as a rifleman or artilleryman. But these positions are marked as ‘recruit immediately’ if a female applies. If a 50kg woman is in the artillery a 43.2kg M-107 shell is over 80% of her weight. An 80kg man would be lifting the same shells at around half of his weight. This is basic physics….The West Australian newspaper reported one recruiter who said, “This is political correctness gone mad. I don’t care if it is a man or a woman – I just want to get the best person for the job.”

Perhaps the revealing thing for corporates is more simple. If they don’t think they can trust their employees to act ethically and responsibly during the hiring process then why do they keep such reprobates on the payroll? Surely they show unconscious bias to their colleagues and clients. Maybe HR departments can use their own mastery of conscious bias to weed them out.

Welcome to socialist recruitment gone mad.


  1. Jordon Peterson video below….HR departments now want to retrain you, so your unconscious bias/perceptions fall in line with their demands..he also debunks the validity of the Implicit Association Test that HR departments use to measure unconscious bias.

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