Gillian Triggs’ Free Speech award summed up in one cartoon

IMG_9764.JPGIf there is one cartoon (above) that typifies the joke that is the Voltaire Award for free speech given to Australian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC) President Gillian Triggs it is this one from Bill Leak, a man indeed persecuted in a witch hunt conducted by her. The award is even more farcical than Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize some 6 minutes into his presidency.

The AHRC has been tainted by scandal after scandal. It encouraged people to file complaints (which it’s commissioner Tim Soutphommosane later denied)  against Bill Leak who drew a cartoon exposing a sorry truth about neglectful parenting among Aboriginal communities.


How can one honestly think the AHRC has a vested interest in impartiality when it seeks to advertise people to attack a cartoonist for expressing ‘free speech.’?


The AHRC was also behind a 3-yr secret trial to persecute three Queensland University of Technology students for the most trivial of matters which ended up doing serious damage to their reputation. In the end the court case was thrown out on such futile grounds but once again free speech was put to the stake.

Such is the level of incompetence of the AHRC that another Leak cartoon perfectly summed up their novice credentials.


As columnist Andrew Bolt wrote,

“Gillian Triggs, president of the Human Rights Commission, waited until the Liberals were in power and actually emptying detention centres before calling an inquiry into children in detention. Gillian Triggs gave conflicting evidence on whether she did or didn’t discuss with Labor ministers whether she should delay an inquiry. Gillian Triggs, waited until the boats were stopped and no more people were drowning before launching a full-on assault on the management of our borders. Gillian Triggs presided over an inquiry making inflammatory and inaccurate claims about suicides in detention and armed guards. Gillian Triggs verballed the Immigration Minister in her report, falsely claiming he’d admitted detaining children had no part in stopping the boats. Gillian Triggs in her report at times presented allegations of sexual abuse of children in detention as proven. Gillian Triggs claimed she’d been asked by the Government to quit when in fact she herself had asked the Government if it had confidence in her. Gillian Triggs gave misleading evidence about what she claimed was an “inducement” to quit – a job the Government claims she had herself suggested (and she denies). Gillian Triggs falsely linked the execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran to the Government’s border policies. Gillian Triggs has recommended record amounts of compensation, including $350,000 to a PNG “refugee” held in detention who’d beaten his Australian wife to death with a bicycle.”

To sum up this free speech award is downright laughable. Then again in so many quarters these days identity politics and victimology go hand in hand. Free speech? Hmmmm


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