Newspoll – “I can assure you parts of it are excellent”


The latest Australian news poll reminds me of the famous Punch cartoon from 1895 between a bishop and the curate. Somehow it seems to me that there will be some within the Liberal Party who will be looking for the good in a terrible result. To be beating Shorten on preferred Prime Minister is hardly an accolade to bank for a win in the next election. The latest poll shows the worst reading for the Coalition on a preferred party basis at 34% a full 5 points lower than at the time Tiurnbull overthrew Abbott on the basis of his poor polling.  It also highlighted the rise and rise of One Nation (from 8% to 10%) as one of the few alternative parties (along with the Australian Conservatives and Lib Dems) core conservatives could conceivably back as a Liberal Party no longer represents them.

While the press thumps the table and criticizes Abbott for his supposed  treachery there can be no doubt that One Nation’s vote would fall were he to take the Prime Ministership back. The press are petrified of such an outcome so are working overtime to bury public opinion. True Liberal voters know better. Just like the silent majority that backed Brexit and Trump, these core Liberal voters would happily back a leader that provided a platform to represent them.

I am afraid we have a bad egg in Australian politics and no parts of it are good. The sooner the Liberal Party get rid of the PM the more chances they give themselves of recovering the droves that have deserted them.

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