Victorian “Police Academy” is a bigger joke than the movie series in the 1980s.


While it is totally understandable that the Daniel Andrews government shoves diversity down Victorian’s throats, how far will he sell out the to make them adjust to force others fit in. That somehow practicing segregation in police recruiting seminars is the blueprint to reach nirvana in terms of diversity, open mindedness and the type of multi-cultural society we should strive for. Yet the Victorian Police are being hire 3,000 new police officers at a cost of $2bn to the taxpayer. If they truly wanted to teach the virtues of diversity why don’t they just have a come one come all seminar which didn’t base it on gender, religious or sexual orientation.

Victoria has a large crime problem. As Miranda Devine pointed out,

“The plan to stem soaring crime rates in Victoria (up 12.4%YoY) from Premier Daniel Andrews and his hapless Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton was to recruit 3000 new police officers at the cost to taxpayers of an extra $2 billion, even though Victoria already has more police per capita than NSW, which boasts its lowest crime rate in 25 years… Violent home invasions, car-jackings, and a record crime rate are the lot of long-suffering Victorians, under the yoke of the country’s most socialist state government.

But you would think after the Bourke Street massacre that Victoria’s politically correct police force would have learnt the lesson that protecting the community requires actual action to fight crime, not just monitoring the situation from afar or holding inquiries after the fact and inventing new bureaucratic handcuffs on your own frontline police.

…The rostering implications alone are a nightmare if there are intolerant African male police officers who refuse to share a shift with a mere female…”

I am betting the crime rate won’t improve with this type of recruitment practice. I will be the least bit surprised if there is a push to have minimum quotas on ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious background over actual suitable qualifications like strength, fitness and drive.

When the Victorian Police failed to follow up on a report of a young migrant male trying to set fire to a petrol station because they were too short staffed to take a statement you know there is little hope. When questioned the police replied that no one was hurt and no one pressed a complaint. Then you wonder why crime is like it is – the simple risk/reward trade off of being caught are so low that it makes economic sense.

Sadly, I thought Police Academy comedy series finished in the 1990s. If only Daniel Andrews could hire Mahoney, Hightower, Sweetchuck, Hooks and Tackleberry to fix the crime rate.

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