Frau Merkel loses her home state election to anti immigration AfD


When the leader of a country is resoundly thumped in his or her home state the writing is generally on the wall. While the left leaning SPD took 30% of the East German state of Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Frauke Petry’s anti immigration “Alternative for Deutscheland (AfD)” party took 21% of the vote ahead of Merkel’s CDU at 19%. Petry said, “The voters made a clear statement against Ms Merkel’s disastrous immigration policies. This put her in her place.”

Even one of Merkel’s aides reflected,

“This isn’t pretty for us. The people who voted AfD were sending us a message of protest.”

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, right wing parties are gathering speed across Europe filling the vacuum of incumbent governments. Makes you think of Turnbull’s disastrous election result and One Nation’s rise as a protest vote for inaction.

Next month we have the re-run of the farcical Austrian Presidential election which could see the anti-immigration right wing FPO under Hofer take office. It was neck and neck last time around before the SPD tried to rig the election and led the high court to enforce a re-run saying the previous election’s legitimacy wouldn’t have been out of place in Africa.

More importantly the Austrian election will highlight whether the EU’s Juncker will make good on his earlier threat to rescind voting rights and transfer payments to Austria if the FPO is voted in. Now we’ve had Brexit in the meantime, Juncker’s actions will tell us how scared the EU establishment is to bully member states around. A vote for the FPO is technically a vote to leave the EU or at the very least overhaul its bureaucracy.

The message is clear around the world. The people are sick of politicians driving for supposed populism rather than do something about the issues that really matter. Mrs Merkel, you aren’t listening.

By the way, it seems Mr Trump is ahead in the latest Reuters/IPSOS poll after Clinton’s next batch of amnesia based forgetfulness over her email etiquette. Perhaps she’s run BleachBit on her own memory too.

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