Turning the past into the future…


Who remembers the last time they went to a public library? Not me. Must be decades. With everything available at our fingertips it is nice to see a council reinvest into one. What Woollahra Council has done is convert a seemingly boring staid analogue world and digitized it. There are PCs, USB charge points, meeting rooms, a kids slippery slide and more. Yes, you can even borrow books. The facility is pretty full.

It’s nice to see that such places aren’t closing but being reinvigorated to the new era. We talk of the importance of education and what better way to teach the kids of today to find a quiet place to study.

According to research by the House of Commons library commissioned by the Labour Party, 282m visits were paid to libraries in England in 2013-14, compared with 322m four years earlier. The percentage of those that visited a library aged 16-24 fell from 40% to 32%. In the UK a law passed in 1964 requires councils to fund a public library but austerity has forced hours to be cut it closures to ensue.

A pleasant surprise to see a library modernizing and creating a sense of community much missing in today’s self-centered world.

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