From Russia with Love


The accusation that Putin is aiding and abetting Trump smacks of desperation with the leaked emails. The NY Times is reporting that Russia might be behind the Wikileaks sources quoting DNC organizers.

Cyber espionage has been around for decades. It is electronic spying. I’m sure the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans all spend copious time trying to hack into the numerous US agencies to gain tactical advantage and vice Versace. What is new? I very much doubt that it has been a recent thing. Besides Putin treats Obama with utter contempt. Such is President Obama’s weakness Putin gave him 2 hours warning to get his special ops out of Syria before he would start bombing. That’s a heads up befitting the Luxembourg Army not the most powerful nation in the world.

Still it begs the most important question- had the DNC or Hillary Clinton not sought subterfuge or deliberately ignore national security protocol and lying about it afterwards would there be an issue? Trying to argue ethics over this point is rather redundant. The little people (the have nots) only see such exposure as more evidence of why the haves don’t care about them.


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