Austrian conservative FPO to contest rigged election


It was always going to be proposed by the conservative FPO. Hofer’s party has sent a 150 page report to the constitutional court on all of the “irregularities” in the recent election. Underage voters. 150% voter turnouts and multiple postal votes  and the head of the electoral commission is a bagman in the socialist SPO came to light

I do hope democracy happens for democracy’s sake and they hold the election again. I’m guessing Hofer would win second time around and I would love to see Juncker try to impose his will over democratic process by refusing to deal with the right. It would highlight what a sick bunch of supranational bureaucrats the EU leaders are in having no respect for Member States. Remember a new law was introduced giving Brussels the power to strip voting rights and cut of funding if they didn’t like democratically elected leaders in Member States.

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